Honorary Woof

I’m a hybrid; part Sheep and part Woof. Both worlds are equally pleasant and blissfully fulfilling. Although I talk a lot about being an Auntnimal, I’m also a daughter to an honorary Woof, my mom.

The first word that comes to mind when I think of my mom is “survivor.” She is a survivor of the Vietnam War, of cancer, and of being a mother to seven children. Yeah, seven! Often times when I’m babysitting, I wonder: “how on earth did my mom raise seven children on her own?” All seven of us have different personalities; yet we were all adequate in needing 100 things at the same time, making a mess, throwing tantrums, being mischievous, arguing/fighting, and other inconvenient stuff that children do best. Yeah, my mom is definitely a survivor!

Well, she is not perfect (unsurprisingly). She sometimes can occur as being unfair or mean, but who cares? She loves me unconditionally and shows it. One of my fondest memories of my mom takes place when I was in preschool. She would pick me up after school and give me a piggyback ride home every day. She didn’t drive, so she would carry both our weights for a mile long as I fall asleep on her back with the comfort of her presence.

Today, my mom still does things for me. To name a few – she cook meals, buy presents, make clothes, and lectures me when appropriate.


As a child, I didn’t always like sharing her with my siblings. Now that I’m older (and obviously more generous); I love that she is so active in being a grandmother to my niece and nephews. She cooks meals for them, buys presents for them, makes them clothes, and lectures them when appropriate. She’s just simply amazing! I cheer and applaud this honorary Woof :).

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