Bird’s Eye Chili

Twenty-three years ago, my mom was far from an agriculturist. I know this to be true because she destroyed 96% of the plants that came with our home when we first moved in. The lawns, fern, rose bushes, Callas, Birds of Paradises, a peach tree, and much more that I cannot name were either rooted out or submerged in cement. There was a very stubborn fig tree that persisted through all adversity until one day, my mom poured hot cooking oil over its roots. This fig tree produced such wonderful fruits that I wished for it to triumph. However and unfortunately, it did not persevere. She said it was not worth the water, energy, nor love.

The other 4% remained not because she had mercy, but because it was too willful to let their lives be torn away. Despite not getting the water or love; a triplet of Camellias and tangerine tree managed to thrive through all seasons; resilient and indifferent to all of nature’s bluffs.

Now, my mom is quite contrary to who she was twenty-three years ago. She has grown a green thumb to prove it. And along with her very green thumb, grew an unruly squash kingdom, an assortment of fresh herbs, fruit trees, and my most favorite of all – the Birds Eye Chili plant. It’s not her most lush or biggest plant, but it has an assertion to it. The bright red coat that it wears is what I love most. It shines brilliantly without the help of electricity and the radiance demands your attention even in the sunlight.

Bird's Eye Chili 2

3 thoughts on “Bird’s Eye Chili

  1. I’ve been exploring your blog and I’ve been loving the stories you share about your families accompanied with your beautiful photography! Keep up the great work and I’ll be sure to follow what you write next! 🙂

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