C’Mon, Pokémon


Pokémon was not just any cartoon to me in 2nd grade; it was my alarm clock to wake up early and it gave me the incentive to show up to school. The elementary-me did not fall under the category of a rule-abiding scholar. I was more of a student who stole test answers during lunch and talked about Pokémon before, during, and after school. English, science, and math were unwanted topics to discuss  during a game of tetherball with my classmates.

5th grade rolled along and Pokémon was still in trend. By that time, Pokémon cards were spreading like wild fire and I learned to be part of the flame. I trade, bought, and sold Pokémon cards to my classmates to make profit. I would use that earnings to buy chocolate covered pretzels, chips, and more Pokémon cards to increase my profit. I even won a class prize because I completed a project that revolved around Pokémon, which was S H O C K I N G. It was the first time my 5th grade teacher put me in the spotlight that didn’t involve her yelling. It was a moment that got deposited in my memory jar; never to be forgotten.

After a long hiatus, Pokémon has returned. All thanks to the new app, “Pokémon Go,” I get to relive my childhood in my adulthood. As a grown-up, it gives me different incentives like exploring the neighborhood, burning calories, and creating fun times with Steven. I did not expect Pokémon making a comeback in my life, but I’ll take it.




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