The Preschool Story

This polaroid was taken during my preschool’s Open House event.

First off, I really look like a boy thanks to my brothers’ hand-me-down tank and shorts. Literally, each of my four brothers owned these clothing at one point in their lives. We (including myself) took turns customizing it; adding new details with our own stains, rips, and tears. My mom hardly did my hair or tuck in my shirt, but she did it this time since we needed to leave a respectable impression for my preschool teacher. Based on my frown and discomfort, I’m a thousand percent sure that we did just that.

But seriously, I loved preschool and have many fond memories. I had access to a sand box, trikes, wooden blocks, Playdoh, and classmates to dance with. It was also the first setting that I got to sing aloud without worrying about my siblings poking fun at me. The “Itsy Bitsy Spider” was my favorite; myself and two others were selected to perform in front of an audience during graduation and for sure, we killed it.

If only I knew that I would love preschool during Open House, I know I would smile just a little bit for this picture.

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