A Cup of Nostalgia

After a combination of cutting, piecing, and removing dried glue from my finger tips; this was what I resulted with – a caterpillar, a very famous caterpillar.

Eric Carle’s “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” can easily brew up a nice cup of nostalgia; inviting me back to my kindergarten class with Ms. Lee. Ms. Lee used this book to teach us counting, days of the week, fruits, food, and the caterpillar’s life cycle. Although all those are important, what I loved most were Eric Carle’s pictures and how he made his book so interactive through his unique art.

Fast forward 20+ years from my kindergarten days and this book has been read to my nephew more than a handful of times- to teach him how to count; get him familiarized with fruits and the days of the week; introducing him to the types of fruits/food, and to help him understand the caterpillar’s life cycle. Just like the kindergarten-me, my nephew’s favorite page was when the caterpillar binged on junk food and got fat. My next favorite part was when it transformed in to a glorious butterfly. It makes me quite envious that caterpillars can turn in to something so beautiful after gaining so much weight. If only humans can do that too… just kidding :).

Hungry Caterpillar


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